Q: Are there hidden charges?

A: No.  Your final cost will consist of the hourly rate we quoted you, the gas and materials charge and the stairs charge.  These charges are outlined in the quote we send you.  If you decide to buy mattress bags they're $8/bag.  You can decided if you want to use them on the day of the move.  We'll always have them available.  

Q: Can you fit a queen sized mattress in the van?

A: Yes, we can fit a queen sized mattress and box spring in the van.  We typically use ratchet straps to secure them to the roof to free up all that interior space.

Q: Do you supply boxes?

A: We do not supply any boxes.  We don't have warehouse space to store them.  For boxes we recommend JuggleBox.

Q: Do you pack?

A: We ask that our customers be packed are ready to move when we arrive.  We do not perform major packing ourselves.  We prefer getting down to hard physical labor as soon as possible. 

Q: Can you provide a COI?

A: If your building strictly requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI) you cannot use our services.  A COI is a document that verifies with your building owner that a company is insured against property damages.  We have never had any issues with property damages.  Most buildings do not require a COI; the exception being some high-rises downtown and in midtown.  Not carrying a million dollar property insurance policy is one way we're able to keep our prices low.  If your building management asks for a COI inform them that you are doing a "self move" and we will pose as friends helping you out.  We have done this hundreds of times without incidence.  We do not have commercial plates, logos or shirts.  If they are inflexible about the COI we will not be able to assist you.  Customers oversight of this is the most common reason for cancellation.  Please let us know ASAP if there are any issues.  Insurance against property damage is different than insurance for personal items.  Most often we actually fix pieces that have become unstable so that we can more safely transport them.  In case of accidental breakage we operate on our own moral character as well as our standing on Yelp!.  Our reviews speak for themselves.

Q: Do you have a recommendation for a storage unit?

A: Storage units are pretty much all the same.  Go with one that gives you the best deal, but make sure it's not so far away that you're going to pay the difference in travel time.

Q: I'm throwing out some furniture.  Will you put it on the curb for me?

A: We will certainly take furniture to the curb for you.  There are rules set by the DOS on when you are supposed to leave bulk items out for pick up.  From the DOS: Placing Bulk out for Collection -- Bulk may be placed at curbside between 5pm (4pm from October to April) and midnight the night before your collection day.  If you have a large quantity of items (e.g. more than a dozen) you should consider placing them out over several collection days.  Check your trash collection schedule here.  Your building can be ticketed for leaving trash out at the wrong times.  If they know who has left it out they may pass that expense on to you.  We suggest speaking with your landlord if there is an issue.

Q: Do you do long distance moves?

A: We go to NJ regularly.  We occasionally go to Philly, D.C., or Boston.  We've gone as far as North Carolina!  Send us the estimate form and we'll give you a flat rate quote for your long distance move.  

Q: Can I ride in the van with you?

A: We strongly suggest that you make alternative arrangements for traveling between your pick up and drop off locations.  We only have 2 seats/seat belts in the van.  That coupled with the fact that the load can shift and the van is far from nimble makes hitching a ride unsafe.  

Q: Do you charge for travel time?

A: Unless your move starts further away than our normal work radius we don't charge for the time it takes us to arrive at your pick up location.